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Team 3

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Emily Oliver
Hannah Hyams

Dr. Guoan Zheng


UConn Biomedical Engineering Department

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On-Chip Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Device

During the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional PCR and antigen tests were used for testing, but often took long periods of time or provided low sensitivity for the result. The purpose of this design project is to develop an affordable, compact, and field-portable PCR device for potential Covid-19 detection using a continuous-flow qPCR method. This device will incorporate an Arduino and a CNC router along with a method such as a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) for thermal cycling. A mobile app will be developed for the accessibility and control of the device’s thermal cycling as well as viewing test results. This method will produce faster results compared to traditional techniques. The outcome of this device will be able to provide, especially for those in low income communities, accessibility to faster and more accurate test results.