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Algae Mitigation in Pfizer's West Equalizing Basin

The Pfizer facility in Groton, Connecticut is the global center for pharmaceutical candidates in the Pfizer Research and Development pipeline. An on-site utility plant provides steam and electricity for this facility and has wastewater streams that discharge into the West Equalizing Basin for neutralization before entering the Thames River. However, significant algae growth has recently occurred in the West Equalizing Basin. If this algae problem persists, Pfizer may have to stop discharging into the river, causing operational issues in the utility plant. The goal of this project is to prevent these operational issues and provide solutions that reduce the potential for algae growth in the West Equalizing Basin. To achieve this goal, our team chose aeration technology supplemented by a floating cover design. The aeration process consists of an air compressor connected to diffusers located inside the basin. Aeration leads to increased dissolved oxygen and decreased carbon dioxide, phosphorus, and nitrogen levels that promote healthier water quality, more stable pH levels, and reduced algae growth. By aerating the water in the West Equalizing Basin and limiting sunlight exposure with a floating cover, our team expects significant algae reduction that will prevent operational issues in Pfizer’s utility plant. Additionally, aeration should stabilize the pH of the water without the need for expensive chemicals providing Pfizer with long-term economic benefits.