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Ian Dalgleish
Margot Hill
Aristidi Miliaresis
Kaleb Souffrant

Dr. Nicholas Lownes


Town of Stamford, CT

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Tresser Boulevard

The goal of this project is to redesign Tresser Boulevard in Stamford, CT so as to make it a “complete street”. This will be accomplished by making adjustments to the existing bike lanes, parking availability, signal timings, crosswalks, and the overall curb lining of the street. Currently, Tresser Boulevard contains three lanes of moving traffic in both directions, has minimal parking availability, no bike lanes, and crosswalks that are dangerous to pedestrians. We propose redrawing the current curbing so that there is better visibility for pedestrians looking to cross the street, which will also make them more visible to drivers and thus will help prevent vehicle/pedestrian collisions. While a median exists in some parts of the road, we would like to continue it the length of the street and make it wider so that it can be used as an area of refuge for pedestrians crossing the street. Further, we would like to continue the existing parking spots down the length of the street; except in certain areas where driveways and lot entrances exist. This will require the removal of one of the existing travel lanes; this, though, will help narrow the road and, ideally, prevent drivers from speeding up and traveling at too high of speeds down the road. With vehicles moving slower, it will create a safer environment for all drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. We will also add a bike lane on the north side of the street. To accommodate this, we will be removing certain left-turn-only lanes that currently exist on the road but we believe are not necessary given the current capacity, which will allow us to shift the median over, thus giving more room on the north side of the road.