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Nicholas Olmo
Giovanni Scandiffio
Brandon Real
Cameron Larkin

Dr. Jin Zhu


Denison Homestead

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Denison Homestead Powerline Trail

The Denison Homestead is seeking a comprehensive engineering design plan for a proposed bike path in the Town of Stonington, with a focus on creating an environmentally-friendly trail that links several points of interest and enhances transportation efficiency and accessibility for the public. The plan involves incorporating switchback design concepts, designing wetland bridge crossings, and installing parking and signage, all while integrating seamlessly with the natural environment. The design and construction of the proposed bike path will need to comply with regulations to avoid affecting the local ecosystem. It will be crucial to ensure that the construction process is carried out with minimal disruption to the natural environment. The proposed bike path will run along an Eversource powerline right-of-way that cuts through the Denison Homestead property. Recently, Eversource contractors cleared the trail of invasive vegetation, allowing limited access. The main objective of this project is to create a secure and appealing bike path that encourages sustainable transportation and healthy living, as well as strengthening a sense of community among its users.