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Caleb Worley
Kira Cuneo
Hector Condori
Chris Mroczkowski

Manish Roy


Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)

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Flooding Investigation on Route 69 (Litchfield Turnpike) near Warren Road in Woodbridge, CT

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has requested assistance for the investigation of the frequent flooding that is occurring at the culvert near Warren Road on Route 69 (Litchfield Turnpike). The flooding in the culvert is negatively impacting the homeowners in the area and through Team CE 13’s analysis they were able to determine the cause of flooding and propose a realistic solution to benefit the area. The analysis of the existing conditions at the site showed that the flooding is being caused primarily by the large water main that is blocking a significant portion of the outlet of the culvert. The analysis was done using the Federal Highway Administration’s culvert hydraulic analysis program, HY-8. This blockage is causing overtopping of the road which needs to be eliminated. The team is proposing that the water main be removed from the site and bigger culvert is installed. The bigger culvert that is to be installed is a 6’ by 5’ concrete box culvert.