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Southwest Pass Head Range Rear Light Rebuild

The United States Coast Guard has called for the removal and disposal of an existing 30 foot tall freestanding tower with a four-pile wooden foundation that is currently hollow and rotted in the bottom due to the strike of an enormous storm. Additionally, they have also requested assistance in the analysis and design of a more resilient ATON tower as a replacement. The existing structure is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River in southeastern Louisiana which is also known as one of the main shipping channels in the country. There are flashing lights attached on the tower that typically acts as navigation aid for the public commerce. The client has asked to determine the most cost effective way to demolish the existing tower and construct a new land-based pile supported 16 foot square foundation along with a 30 feet tower sitting on top. The tower will be prefabricated in three separate sections offsite and transported to on site for final erection. The current wooden piles are about 40 feet long and must be cut about 1 foot below grade level, and the holes of the pile placements would have to be filled in.