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Team 18

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Henry Guzman-Lucero
Connor Hefferon
Phoebe Haberstumpf
Teddy Akuffo

Wei Zhang


United States Coast Guard

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Seismic Retrofit of Building 14

The Coast Guard has tasked CE team 18 the reevaluation of the seismic design under a risk category 2 to reduce the demand and deficiencies present. A Lateral Force Analysis and Seismic Retrofit Study was conducted in 2014 on Building 14, located on Base Alameda, California. In general, the original building was designed to be a risk category four in seismicity. This study showed many deficiencies including overstressed walls, overturning walls, and in-plane shear, as a result a retrofit was required to correct this problem. In general, the overall goal is to accurately produce calculations based on risk category 2 in order to correct the problems shown in the retrofit study, to improve the strength, durability and performance of the structure.