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Jobin Joseph Valiyaveettil
Arman Chowdhury
Riana Soliven
Robert Dallas Schoff
Valerie Ines Fonseca Lopes
Kevin Freyberg

Amir Herzberg


UConn Computer Science & Engineering Department

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Next Generation Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a critical part of the security of the Web, Software Distribution and other distributed systems. For many years, PKI was basically synonymous with the X.509 specifications, and PKIX, a standard profile of X.509 for Internet protocols. However, in the recent years, there is growing awareness of limitations of these 'classical' PKI systems, and several academic and industrial efforts for improved PKI schemes, with more features and better security and performance. The most important of these is Certificate Transparency (from Google, being standardized in IETF, and supported by browsers and services). Profs. Herzberg, Ghalwash (UConn) and Syta (Trinity college), with few graduate students, have developed an improved version of CT, which we call CTng. In this project, the relying-party-module (client) of CTng is developed as a stand-alone library and as a browser extension.