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Team 25

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Hunter Krasnicki
John Ruffell
Daniel Paliulis
Meagan Mulcahy
Tee Lekmeon
David de Siqueira Campos McLaughlin

Professor Wei Wei



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Weld Recipe Optimization Algorithm and UI

The objective of this project is to design and develop a locally hosted web application used for handling data from ultrasonic welds. This application is meant to enforce data entry fields for normalized processing, allow for user interface customization to make data collection easier, provide workspace storage in-between sessions, and automate analysis of weld data and results. Processed data will provide a report to a peripheral system for determining what combination of weld parameters (weld recipe) would result in an optimal weld. This application is meant to provide ease of use, as it establishes automated population of weld data from the welding machines, and can export evaluated data to be loaded onto the welders. The project is meant for use by application engineers within Branson/Emerson, and eventually for customers of Branson/Emerson who purchase ultrasonic welders.