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Benjamin Stilphen
Liam Devlin
Kathryn Dyson
Zibo Cao
Usman Rahman

Professor Yufeng Wu



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Data Centralization

A primary interest of the computational group is the analysis of genetic sequencing data, which commonly results in terabytes of data. This genetic sequencing has essential metadata that describes, maps, and annotates the specific samples needed to perform all downstream analyses. However, metadata is often held in not machine-readable ways, whether it is in the notebook of a researcher or an ill-formatted Excel workbook. To this end, the Data & Infrastructure group has developed a web application for metadata capture, called Eintragen. It standardizes metadata input and automatically submits data to the centralized Omics data system of Boehringer Ingelheim. Eintragen has the essential functionality for metadata collection but could benefit from the development of additional features. The goal of this project is to implement features that improve the usability of the Eintragen web application. The highest priority feature is the ability to gather an experiment’s metadata given an identifier from an external source, such as the Gene Expression Omnibus, in a semi-automatic fashion.