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Bryan Lojano
Max Wilhelm
Gabrial Julian
Justin O'Dell
Nick D'Agosto
Ronald Wood

Mukul Bansal


Reality Interactive

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Reality Interactive Food Truck Application

The Reality Interactive Food Truck Application was created with the purpose of reducing wait times and long lines that can occur at food trucks, as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of food truck employees. The application was developed to run exclusively on Reality Interactive’s Axsis hardware, a custom Android device. This device hosts all software components, and uses its own hotspot network to connect with customer devices, requiring no outside internet connection. Four main components were developed to facilitate this application. The first of these is an Apache web server, which customers can access after connecting to the Axsis device hotspot, allowing them to view the menu and place their order. Next is the React Native application, which runs on the Axsis device and is what employees will be interacting with throughout their workflow, as they view and fulfil customer orders. Thirdly, a SQLite database is used to store all data relevant to the system, including customer names, ordered items, order cost, and analytic data to allow food truck owners to evaluate the success of their truck. Finally, a Node.js server hosts an API which is used by the other components to directly interact with the SQLite database and communicate with one another. These components must all be running simultaneously in order for the system to work as intended. This allows for food truck employees to more easily server customers, and for customers to place their order without waiting in line. Overall, the application modernizes much of the often long and monotonous process of ordering at a food truck, making the system easier and more convenient for employees and customers alike.