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Adrienne Bisaillon
Achintya Bairat
Julia Guskind
Jeremy Goode
Nicole Tyler

Song Han


UConn Health

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RFID Gait Speed Wearable Device Measurement System

Gait speed, or walking speed, is a robust predictor of geriatric health and vitality. Widely acknowledged as the “sixth vital sign”, it is correlated with health outcomes including disability, hospitalization, and long term care placement. This has prompted a need to systematically collect real-time gait speed measurements from patients in a clinical environment. However, practical challenges that arise during routine office visits have inhibited widespread adoption (e.g., physical space constraints, limited time, and incompatibility with office routines). In 2018, the UConn Outpatient Geriatrics Clinic developed and tested a prototype RFID-based gait speed system for clinical use. Our project aims to fulfill three objectives: refine the RFID system to improve its accuracy and feasibility, develop a web application user interface for viewing real-time data, and perform thorough testing and evaluation of the system. By developing and testing gait speed measurement methods in advance, health care facilities will be better equipped to incorporate it into routine office visits in the future.