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Managment system

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Senior Design Project (SDP) Team 37 Scrunch background: Scrunch is a cloud-based ticket system to store archived tickets. Scrunch is a better way to store, manage and search archived tickets or tickets created for recording. The most notable difference between Scrunch and other ticket systems is that we give the customer the ability to customize the ticket’s attributes and features. This system will modularize each functionality of the tickets and let customers put them together like building blocks. They can choose the attributes and add-on features from our system to build up to hundreds of different types of tickets for their different needs in different departments. The information put in the ticket will be more accurate, and not even a single attribute will be “wasted”. When all the tickets are “idiosyncratic”, Scrunch can sort, manage and search tickets faster than ever. The customized ticket type will be the first filter for all the tickets, then we can filter our tickets through the attributes. The customizable system Scrunch is suitable for all departments to build all types of tickets for all types of use. Scrunch is not just a simple ticket system, but also a new way to store, manage, and search for working history. Project background: UConn tech support center, telecom and networks, and all different departments receive hundreds of tickets every day. There are more than 100 thousand tickets in the system already, it will get to a point where we need to take some tickets out of the system. And Scrunch will be the best place to store all this data. From our research on the ticket system that UConn is utilizing today (and most ticket systems out in the field generally speaking), we noticed that we need to fill in many unneeded attributes when creating a new ticket. They will ask “device number” for an account ticket and ask “location” for a device loaning ticket. Even if you were to leave it blank, too many unneeded attr