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Uiliam Kutrolli
Dawid Karpiej
Abram Rosario
Alfred Lee
Graduate Mentor- Desmon Simatupang

Sung-Yeul Park


UConn Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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IFEC 2023 Single-Phase Solid State Transformer

Transformers are essential components in many industrial, commercial, and academic settings. Compared to other modern electronics however, traditional transformers are large and unwieldy, often limiting their applications in projects that have strict limits on size and weight. The goal of this project is to design and construct a transformer without the disadvantages of a traditional transformer by using compound semiconductor technology to build a solid-state transformer.  Solid state transformers are designed using multiple power converter circuits connected together to provide the same basic functionality of a traditional transformer while also possessing other advantages such as enhanced efficiency, power flow, and harmonic isolation, as well as the aforementioned space and weight savings.   The IEEE International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) is an international collegiate competition with the intention of developing innovative solutions in the power electronics field. This year’s challenge is to create a single-phase solid state transformer. The input of this transformer will be 1Ф-230Vac nominal (85V~250V), with the desired output of 1Ф-230Vac; total harmonic distortion <5%; 600W. The efficiency must be over 95% at 600W and over 96% at 300W. The transformer must be bidirectional with a compact design and autonomous control. The transformer will be judged based on the efficiency of the output and overall functionality.