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Edgar Dias
Matthew Beauchem
Kevin Knowles
Weiqi Tang

Lei Wang


Hubbell Incorporated

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Wireless Leakage Current Measurement

When dealing with high voltage electronics one of the key concerns is safety. One safety hazard that can be tested is leakage current. Leakage currents are undesirable currents that flow from a circuit in the equipment to the chassis or ground. Hubbell Hipotronics wants to address this concern by designing a safe testing platform to measure leakage currents. The goal is to develop a device to measure leakage current for a range of high voltage systems. Furthermore, the system needs to be able to record and relay the data to the user without the user needing to be near the equipment during operation. The device designed in this project uses Bluetooth to report current measurements ranging from 100mA to 100nA with an accuracy of 0.5%. This is done with a differential input and several ranges of shunt resistors. The voltage is then passed through a differential amplifier for filtering before being read by a 24-bit analogue to digital converter and processed by an ESP32. For continued monitoring the devices can operate on a rechargeable battery for 24 hours. Our project will enable users to safely test their equipment in standard and different fault conditions.