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Aaron Khan
Abi Young
Porter Mead

Junbo Zhao



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Fuel Cell / Renewable Micro Grid for Camp Hartell/AASF

The Connecticut National Guard (CTNG) has sponsored a team of senior UConn engineering students to design a microgrid to power Camp Hartell in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The microgrid will be specifically designed for usage in the event of a natural disaster. Therefore, the microgrid should be self-contained to the Camp Hartell campus and should be relatively robust to provide power in harsh conditions. The microgrid should derive power from renewable sources. The microgrid should at minimum be able to power necessary equipment and loads in the case of a natural disaster. Because of this, the microgrid will likely contain some energy storage capabilities that can power the microgrid in situations where natural disasters are preventing energy production from sources like solar panels. A primary goal of this project is to improve the energy independence of the CTNG. As such, a varied approach to power production is advised. Components like fuel cells, solar panels, and other methods of production that increase energy independence, efficiency, and resiliency are of interest.