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John Tauscher
Peter Chardavoyne
Ilma Khan
Matthew Adkins

Dr. Sung Yeul Park


Keney Park Sustainability Project

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Passive Solar Lumber Drying Kiln

The Keney Park Sustainability Project (KPSP) seeks to promote self-sustainable and environmentally conscious citizens by providing training, demonstrations, education, and collaboration efforts. One method of achieving this goal is by utilizing local resources, like fallen trees, to benefit the park. Before this project, the KPSP would collect fallen trees and cut them into wooden boards to let them air-dry over the course of a year. However, this is an unreliable and long process, and harsh winds makes it very difficult to protect the lumber from rainfall. Our design, which uses solar power and batteries not connected to the power grid, is targeted for use during the park’s off-months in the winter. By utilizing an existing shipping container, fans, heaters, desiccants, and a custom control system, our design offers a sustainable solution for drying lumber faster and more reliably compared to air-drying, while operating in colder and less sunny conditions than standard solar lumber kilns and costing much less than existing commercial dehumidification kilns.