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Team 10

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Olivia Ernst
Alexa Boden
Jonathan Varga

Craig Calvert and Francisco Cunha



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Engineering a Solution to Improve Ergonomic Conditions Within the Prysmian Facility

Owned by General Cable, Prysmian is a large cable and wire manufacturer. A few of such cables are manufactured for the US Military. Within the manufacturing process of said cables, ergonomic issues were causing employee injuries, decreases in efficiency and loss of revenue. To amend this issue our team had to identify key areas of injury and inefficiency, select one specifically, and engineer a solution. What we came up with was an optimized workstation of our own design that combines numerous steps in the manufacturing process onto one table. Daisy chaining, plugging, and potting will be combined within the optimized workstation along with the addition of a slide bearing system that allows for the use of multiple cable lengths. The workstation will also have a mobile and stationary option with a set of retractable wheels attached to the legs. Our solution greatly decreases repetitive motion that causes injuries, decreases overall movement within production by 50%, and will provide a 50% reduction in costs per month.