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Alex Boman
Benjamin Carvell
Tyler Strong

Professor Alexei Poludnenko



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Ambient Temperature Phase Change Launcher

Within the weapons systems sector of naval technologies, an area of focus is vertical launching mechanisms for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Current vertical launch technology typically ejects missiles from vertical launch tubes with pressurized gas from a gas generator. This launch mechanism functions by burning propellant to increase pressure below the payload. However, this process results in the production of hazardous material when seawater and the gas generator residue mix. This material must be pumped into and stored in a container, requiring expensive maintenance costs for the missile tube. This project pursues alternative launch technology using an ambient temperature phase change launcher. This technology will be an expansion system that converts a regularly occurring gas in the atmosphere from its stored liquid state to a gaseous state. The objective of this project is to eliminate hazardous materials and maintenance costs created by current mechanisms through an ambient temperature phase change launch system.