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Team 68

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Kevin Cayo
Rachael Crow
Eric Brodeur Jr.

Jason Lee



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Design of an Articulating Ankle for Enhanced Performance of a Lower Extremity Diving Prosthetic

ME68 collaborated with the University of Hartford's (UHart) Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and two Prosthetics and Orthotics graduate students to develop and test an articulating ankle that is suitable for both land-based activities and SCUBA diving. The project outlines the research, designs, and tests that have been conducted to enhance the efficiency and comfort of the articulating ankle in both terrestrial and subterranean environments. When designing a new functional articulating ankle, two critical factors were considered - flipper deflection and ankle range of motion. In terms of parties of interest, the team considered the amputee community as a whole but focused on transtibial amputees as the device is designed for them. ME Team 68, over the course of the school year, created three unique prosthetic ankle designs that focused primarily on mobility. Additionally, the team developed a 3D render of a test rig with a motor set up to simulate the movement of a diver. The test rig was utilized to assess the performance of the prototype and was instrumental in determining the overall quality of the designs.