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Abbigale Whitmore
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The Guider's Shield 3.0

The Guider's shield is a device that gives visually impaired users a protective shield while being guided. It provides people who are visually impaired and other at-risk users, a means to create a personal space which can also serve to minimize sexual violence and other types of abuse by an unscrupulous guide. Our client, Calvette Brown is the sole stakeholder in our project. She has worked with previous Senior Design teams within UConn’s Mechanical Engineering department to create the previous versions of the Guider’s Shield. Her hope for version 3.0 is to create an umbrella-like shield instead of the vertical acrylic shield that is currently being offered. By enhancing the Guider’s Shield in this manner we hope to provide simpler manufacturing, maximize comfort and create a collapsible feature for ease of transport when not in use. With the success of this project, the Guider’s Shield company will be able to promote this and other future projects that can be patented, to aid groups that require special assistance while preventing the possibility of abuse.