Team 08

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Sneha Kelkar
Michael Nogaj
Ryan Hunt
Ishan Sheth

Patrick Kumavor


Windham Dental

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Jawbone Quality Assessment Using Co-registered Ultrasound Imaging and CT Scan

When a patient is given dental implants, the density of the jaw bone must be considered. This information is necessary for the dentist to determine where an implant can be safely placed so that it will be secure and stay secure over time. Clearly identifying the bone density of a pin-point location in the jaw bone can be challenging when using any single traditional imaging modality. To overcome this problem, a new method was proposed. This method would create images that can more easily show bone density by coregistering real-time ultrasound images onto a CT scan. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the feasibility and practicality of this proposed method and come up with a way to execute it. The devised strategy for execution is to use positional data collected from an accelerometer on the hand-held ultrasound probe and relay it to a computer program that will align the two types of images with each other based on this data. Based on the work done and prototypes made, the group came to a conclusion that this method is feasible and may have practical applications in dentistry. However, future work will need to be done to determine this for sure.