Team 16

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Naysa Joseph-Gabriel
Tanushree Biswas
Kiara Hima
Krishna Chinmai Dongar
Kayli Anderson

Dr. Partrick Kumavor; Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak



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Design of Minimally Invasive Surgical Device Burst Simulator System

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Burst Simulator is a system to test various medical devices to define expected performance based on selectable inputs to simulate different surgical situations. Design a burst simulation system that utilizes various profiles of pressure and force to capture device performance. The system will initially focus on requirements of minimally invasive access devices. Trocars are being developed with balloons to keep the device in place during surgery. These balloons endure a large amount of pressure when going into the abdominal cavity so a burst simulator must be able to simulate this tugging motion to ensure that the balloons will not burst during surgery.