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Alexander Guzman
Will Goss
Vinicius De Souza

Tom Mealy


University of Connecticut

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Model and Operation of a Single Saw

The Chamberlin Mill, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and sustaining a rare surviving water powered circular sawmill that is now powered by an electric motor. The Mill includes an 1873 circular saw, powered by a rebuilt 1928 Studebaker engine that was in use in 1939 and decades following. In addition to this, the Mill also has a Muzzy shingle machine, that although it is not the original, it is identical to one that once belonged to the Mill. While the Mill is being preserved as a historical site it is also an important educational STEM asset. Due to this, the sponsor tasked us with conducting a mechanical analysis, and creating a working CAD model of the Muzzy shingle machine. By being able to understand the design and operation of the shingle machine it will greatly help the Mill in their education of future STEM students.