Team 21

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Drew Smith
Julia Sacchi
Daniel Flanagan

Professor Jason Lee



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Alternative Aggregate Material for Flow Systems

The objective of this project is to design, create, and test an alternative to stone aggregate made from plastic. The alternative created will be tested to determine if it is as strong and durable as traditional stone aggregate. Traditional stone aggregate is used in the majority of septic and drainage systems, however it is heavy and difficult to transport, making it expensive and laborious to use. Additionally, stone aggregate is coated in a thin layer of stone dust. When this dust comes in contact with water, it forms a thin, cement like layer that inhibits the waste water from easily seeping into the soil. This directly hinders the design and purpose of septic and drainage systems. Eljen is a leader in designing and manufacturing septic and drainage products globally. Eljen is looking to explore new alternatives and has been working on initial design concepts to overcome the existing problems with stone aggregate. The new aggregate made of plastic must perform to the same standards as stone aggregate or better. Specifically, this alternative aggregate needs to be able to be transported easily, be stackable, have an H-20 rating, and stack randomly and not re-stack after being blown into trenches.