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Hunter Rego
William Loose
Andrew Miele
Jacob Ivanov

Francesco Carbone


Pratt & Whitney

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Feasibility of Using Eddy Currents for Fan Blade Tip Deicing

Our project examines the feasibility of using an eddy-current type sensor to de-ice the tip of a turbofan fan blade. Eddy-current sensors are currently used to sense the displacement of fan blades by inducing a magnetic field in the blades. This change in magnetic field is resisted by the blades and induces loops of electric current, known as eddy currents, within the blades. These currents are detected by the sensor and their strength is used to determine the position and displacement of the blade tip relative to the sensor. Deicing methods already exist for turbofan blades; however, the tips of the blades are still susceptible to ice accumulation. Proving that eddy-current sensors are dual purpose would be advantageous for engine weight and complexity. However, it is unknown if contemporary eddy-current sensors can produce the energy required to de-ice the fan blade tips.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 11 on this project.