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Sahib Sandhu

Mihai Duduta


University of Connecticut

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Fabrication of an Electroluminescent Surface

The Engineering Challenge: Soft electroluminescent surfaces can be used for novel communication strategies, in conjunction with smart textiles, but are difficult to fabricate over large areas. Description of Problem/Project: Soft materials that can produce light are an exciting alternative to rigid components in that they can be added to smart textiles, incorporated in wearable medical devices, etc. Challenges include fabrication of large area materials, demonstration in biocompatible systems, such as those including silicone elastomers, as well as power and autonomy. Expected Deliverables/Approach for Senior year: Demonstrate scalable large area fabrication of luminescent soft materials. Develop control strategies based on off-board power electronics (to be developed by a graduate student) that can drive systems at >200 Hz. Demonstration of a luminescent skin on a robot body for enhanced camouflage and communication strategies.