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Team 03

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Nicholas Trottier
Christian Bjork
Alanna Barzola
Patrick Place
River Granniss

Wajid Chishty, Ravi Gorthala



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Design and Development of PV/Thermal System for Greenhouses

This project provides the design, development, and analysis of a scaled-down cost-effective photovoltaic/thermal system that can be integrated into a greenhouse roof. Photovoltaic and thermal systems are considered conventional green energy methods that work well but would be more beneficial if integrated together. This is because traditional photovoltaic systems can become inefficient when they reach high temperatures. By including a thermal system, cooling can be provided to the photovoltaic system while simultaneously producing thermal energy to heat a greenhouse. Although both photovoltaic and thermal systems are considered traditional energy systems, combining them to power a greenhouse is a relatively new concept. This project documents the integration plan for the photovoltaic thermal system for a hypothetical greenhouse located at the University of Connecticut.