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Civil Engineering
Team 12

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Tavey Chang
Bartosz McCormick
Katherine O’Shea
Adam Plecan

Nicholas Lownes


City of Norwich

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The city of Norwich, Connecticut has identified the intersection of New London Turnpike and Asylum Street to be unsafe due to the high number of collisions that have occurred there in recent years. This project sought to address these safety concerns in a way that is sensitive to the existing site conditions and the context of the surrounding community. A modern roundabout was selected as the preferred intersection traffic control following an evaluation of preliminary roundabout and signalized design alternatives on the basis of cost, safety, vulnerable user considerations, geometric feasibility, and traffic operations. Traffic operations were analyzed using VISSIM microsimulation models which replicated existing traffic conditions by utilizing traffic data collected manually and via pneumatic traffic counters, as well as aerial drone footage. The project concluded with the development of a geometric design for a modern roundabout that balances vehicular mobility and operational safety while minimizing right-of-way impacts. Additionally, bicycle and pedestrian facilities have been incorporated to enable alternative modes of mobility.