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Civil Engineering
Team 20

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Mitchell Blustein
Chris Cavuoto
Nick Furey
Dylan Leitao
Eric Vazquez

Wei Zhang


Town of Hamden

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The Keefe Community Center is placed conveniently in the heart of Hamden, CT at 11 Pine Street. The facility is located at the center of the urban environment in Hamden, making it the ideal place to bring the community together. It is a multi-use facility, housing a daycare, senior center, and a multi purpose gymnasium. The Town of Hamden has requested an evaluation of the Keefe Community Center for deficiencies such as the structural integrity of the roof system under heavy snow and wind loads, drainage, and an emergency management plan. Our group completed calculations in order to determine the structural integrity of the five different roofs that make up the Community Center. Calculations were done to evaluate if the current roofing system was suitable for average snow loads in Hamden as well as for extreme wind loads. The level of snowfall needed for necessary snow removal from the roof was also calculated. From there, we were able to determine if the current drainage on the exterior of the Community Center was suitable to handle melting snow. Lastly, an emergency management plan was created to provide a procedure for the residents of Hamden if a natural disaster were to occur. The Keefe Community Center was evaluated for its ability to serve as a shelter for the community and how the facility could best serve as part of an emergency plan.