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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 31

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Nathaniel Fanning
Zhuoqun Zhan
Sherry Zhang

Steven Demurjian


Computer Science and Engineering

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Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) provides primary IT support for all staff and departments within the Division of Student Affairs at UConn. For this project, SAIT is seeking to continue development of their project, OCS Hugo, as it moves from its current environment to a new continuous delivery system. The purpose of Hugo is to assist the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services department in documenting incidents and planning outreach activities. Hugo helps the office send move-in goodie bags and keep tabs on tenant / landlord issues and legal infractions that might be university-related even when they occur off campus. Hugo stores data which can be reported and represented through analytics and maps to highlight activity hotspots. The end goal is to make Hugo open source so other universities or organizations can use the service. The conversion will consist of creating a standardized environment using Docker, adding support for additional database systems, and removing branding among other tasks. Notable aspects of the project are adding database support for PostgreSQL and using Docker to simplify cloud deployment to services such as AWS and Google Cloud while also creating a stable environment for all users. Secondary goals include migrating from Python 2 to Python 3 and introducing OpenStreetMap in addition to the current support for Google Maps.