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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2020

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Faculty Advisor

Alexandra Paulakos
Alexander Podgorski
Joseph Slivinski

Abhishek Dutta


Naval Undersea Warfare Center

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Group 2020's project is a joint effort between the Mechanical and Electrical teams. The main goal is to expel a cylindrical body from a dry tube into an underwater medium. The project is a continuation of last year's Project 1915. Our challenge was to improve the time between each payload release, as well as increasing the expulsion force, and thus, speed. The means of expulsion is led by the Electrical Engineering team, where the design and fabrication of the tube, coils, and tank are led by the Mechanical Engineering team. The firing mechanism uses the principles of electromagnetism, using stored voltage in large capacitors and a pulse forming network to 'dump' current into three different inductive coils. The coils are fired at interval stages to pull the body down the tube and expel it into a water-tight tank.