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Mechanical Engineering
Team 21

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Garrett Daly
Patrick Koloseus
Nathan Orsini

Vito Moreno



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Henkel needs to collect data on a Torque-Tension Testing machine. The data is useful for Henkel because it allows them to guide their customers to determine how much torque on a fastener will become tension or clamp load. They manufacture and sell many thread locking products that get used in various configurations so a lot of data is needed. The test unit consists of a load cell connected to an electric motor to give accurate values of clamp load, input torque and thread torque on a bolt assembly. This information can then be used to find thread and head friction and the K factor of the bolt, which is important to customers for accurate product data. The machine is currently plagued with reliability issues and is poorly understood. ME21 has been tasked with understanding the machine and creating a reliable testing plan and comprehensive training video for future users. A data set will also be created to verify the testing plan for accuracy and reliability when compared to verified methods. The implementation of this new testing system will give Henkel more accurate results in a shorter timeframe from any employee.