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Mechanical Engineering
Team 44

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Enoc Escobar
Griffin Liebel
Megan Zindell

Nejat Olgac


Pratt & Whitney

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The purpose of this project is to develop a method to identify and quantify the effects of mass imbalance, as well as the effects of geometric imbalance, in a rotor assembly. The design and prediction of the response of rotor assemblies to these geometric and mass imbalances is desirable in order to guarantee the overall safety and durability of the engine. Our team will be examining the relationship between the respective imbalances and resultant forces, shaft deflection, and frequency of vibrations at the supports. A test rig was built by last year’s team, and this problem was studied analytically to begin to understand the relationship between imbalance and response, however the simulation of geometric imbalance proved to be challenging. Improvements to the method for generating this geometric imbalance will be investigated as part of this project alongside the overall testing and analysis of the forces generated by both geometric and mass imbalances as a function of rig spinning speed.