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Mechanical Engineering
Team 57

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Michael Fusaro
Ian LeBlanc
Aimee Talbot

Ugur Pasaogullari


Triumph Engine Control Systems

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Triumph Integrated Systems specializes in thermal management systems, such as air and liquid cooling systems. Triumph has developed a computational model to test the physics behind nonuniform distribution of two-phase refrigerant as it flows through three idealized evaporator distributors. Our project is to design, build, and run an experimental test that will create data to validate Triumph’s computational model. This design is capable of adjusting the flow rate across the distribution manifold between 20 kghr and 120 kghr, as well as varying the vapor quality of the refrigerant entering the distribution manifold between 0.15 and 0.4. This allows Triumph to validate their numerical model against several different data sets. Temperature, pressure, and mass flow sensors are configured to obtain steady-state measurements from a computer-based data acquisition system to determine the vapor quality and mass flow rates of each outlet of the distributor for various inlet mass flow rates and vapor qualities. This design also has the capability to switch out various evaporator distributors of different orientations and lengths without completely altering the system or evacuating refrigerant from the entire system.