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Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
Team 11

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Francisco Astiasaran
Brendan Berg
Anthony Marino

Frank J. Cunha, Craig Calvert


Management and Engineering for Manufacturing

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The ReduSeal™ product is designed to reduce industry glove waste. Through experimental data, industry glove waste was determined to be 19%. This value supports the initial approximation that was provided by our Sponsors at the UConn School of Nursing, which was 20%. After finding the baseline glove waste value without ReduSeal™, different designs of the product were tested to determine which was most effective. The 6-Wave design for ReduSeal™ was determined to be the best, with a glove waste reduction of 68%, from 19% to 6%. Using this information, as well as data gathered from competitors’ products and real-world tests, ReduSeal™ is currently being marketed to large glove manufacturers. Pursuing a licensing deal to allow glove manufacturers to use the ReduSeal™ design and incorporate eit into the production of their boxes will allow for widespread distribution of the product. This distribution will help reduce glove waste across industries such as healthcare, food service, manufacturing, and many more.