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Abhishek Singla
Liam Connelly
Zachary Newman
Gregory Austin

Guoan Zheng


UConn Health

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The development of a digital pathology scanning platform based on the original problem statement needs to be enhanced, as additional features and methods will be required to create a final product. The first area of improvement necessary is the use of lensless camera technology. Instead of using a traditional microscope with multiple objective lenses, a lensless camera will be used to streamline the overall design. This will simplify the technology needed for imaging, as the camera will be able to capture the slide with any desired level of precision along with an increased level of detail. Another revision to the original description is the inclusion of image processing to rapidly identify tissues and any abnormalities. Using the processed images will allow for better clinical application, as doctors can rapidly distinguish any issues in a slide sample. Additionally, the platform will be constructed from an inexpensive CNC or similar machine that allows for automated movement of a slide in an x or y direction on a small platform. Lastly, a mobile app could be developed to accompany the platform and imaging system to create a seamless transition from viewing the slides to the digital reproduction. Overall, a more cost effective digital pathology scanning platform will be designed and created from an affordable CNC or related machine that includes on-board lensless imaging, imaging processing and analysis, and a possible easy-to-use mobile application.