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Kerone Walters
Jason Rich
Josue Flores
Luis Vega

John Ivan



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Our project aims to create and redesign a popular intersection at Lake Avenue and Rock Ridge Avenue in Greenwich, CT. The current layout has visibility issues, and leads to congestion and conflict areas causing crashes. This intersection experiences a high vehicle count, especially during peak hours in the morning and afternoon, and is an important route to many residential and commercial areas, including a school and Greenwich hospital. Therefore, it was imperative that our alternative design enhances safety by improving visibility and reducing congestion. We want to promote a network that encourages pedestrian activity and create an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in the context of the area. Our team has worked on multiple designs, including a roundabout, four way intersection, and a three pronged design that keeps the current layout, but improves upon it. Based on our designs and analyze via traffic simulation and cost analysis, our preferred design is a general four way intersection. The four way intersection removes the center triangle island and improves the ability to turn onto Lake Avenue while keeping traffic flowing. This design requires the removal of utility poles and two columns, but our alternative design incorporates a new spot for these, and also accounts for the need to change the vertical grading in our intersection.