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Team 2106

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Ajani Blackwood
Frank Magnante
Atharva Manjrekar
Dakota Cook

Dr. John Chandy



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The goal of this project is to develop a prototype for a passive security checkpoint that can replace millimeter wave scanners currently used in airports and other high traffic areas. Current checkpoints require individuals to stop and stand in a certain position while the device screens them, resulting in inconvenience. Our proposed solution uses a camera depth sensor and a radar to detect metals on a person as they walk through a short corridor. Thus, with the passive security checkpoint there is no need for people to stop moving during the screening process. The passive security checkpoint is being prototyped using a combination of open source software solutions. Blender, Carnegie Mellon's Motion Capture files, and MakeHuman were used to develop the depth camera simulations and model body types. Using the simulated outputs, Python's NumPy and CuPy libraries were used to aid in the development of image processing algorithms and radar simulations. This software based approach serves to mimic a hardware based solution which images a person walking through a corridor.