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Elijah Dufour
Arya Patel
Robert Digiacomo
Caroline Dhanager

Craig Calvert


PepsiCo Frito-Lay

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Frito Lay’s sanitation department had the opportunity to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency by utilizing new technologies and processes within their current sanitation practices. The project’s goal was to present senior leadership with innovative upgrades to their current practices and prioritize them based on cost analysis and integration capabilities. After familiarizing the team with current sanitation processes through research and on-site visitation, the project team collectively began the determination of alternative processes. The goal was to find alternatives that do not require intensive manual labor and reduce costs in comparison to existing practices. The success of this project was reliant on discovering the right processes for our sponsor to then implement at the Frito-Lay Killingly plant. The decision of which process to implement will be made by the project owners at Frito-Lay. As a result of Frito Lay’s annual operating initiative, they aimed to reduce the amount of manual labor required for processes upheld by the Frito Lay Sanitation Department. The project team conducted research and evaluated industry best practices within sanitization. The team offered a deliverable which assessed the optimal strategies for implementing automated alternatives and proposed methods for implementation at the Killingly site. This project aided in the promotion of efficiency and removing inhibitors related to sanitation measures which were present at the Killingly site. Success of the project was achieved when feasible alternatives for automation were reached.