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Team 18

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Olivia Rice
Leah Faber
Sydney Griger
Kristen Soldau
Apolline Vincent
Leah Sobotka

Fayekah Assanah


UConn Biomedical Engineering Department

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Design and Fabrication of Soft Hydrogels to Mimic Brain Matter to Model Traumatic Brain Injury

The purpose of this project is to design and fabricate a hydrogel that mimics the mechanical properties of brain matter. This will provide an accurate in vitro brain model to study traumatic brain injuries. The design being considered is a natural and biocompatible gelatin-alginate based hydrogel. In this study, the concentrations of both gelatin and alginate are varied to fabricate a hydrogel that mimics the linear and non-linear viscoelastic properties of the brain matter as studied in the literature. Rheology testing will validate the mechanical properties of these hydrogels to that of the brain matter. Thus, this design will provide an accurate three dimensional (3D) in vitro brain tissue model that can be utilized by future researchers to study the cellular response of the brain when subjected to forces comparable to the ones that cause traumatic brain injuries.