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Emily Miller
Justin Amengual
Kaylee Walsh

Kristina Wagstrom



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Aquaponics System for Spring Valley Student Farm

Spring Valley Student Farm is a UConn organization focused on providing food to the local community and creating opportunities for students to learn sustainable farming methods. The goal of our project is to design and implement a crawfish-based aquaponics system, creating a new sustainable method of organic agriculture for the farm. This aquaponics system is an ecosystem where crawfish produce nutrients for plants to grow, and the plants purify the water to provide a habitable space for the crustaceans. Crawfish were chosen for their high waste output and ability to rapidly produce offspring. The process incorporates both media bed and deep-water culture systems to allow for the growth of nitrifying bacteria and a greater variety of plants that can be grown. Our team used the key engineering concepts of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and chemical process kinetics to design and model the system using MATLAB and Aspen Plus. Using these modeling applications, we designed a demonstration oriented system which will allow an audience to learn more about the environmental benefits of aquaponics. Aquaponics systems consume less water and power compared to typical farming methods, while producing very little waste. In addition to the environmental benefits and learning opportunities that our system will create, the organic food grown will be harvested and brought to the UConn dining halls.