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Paul Verbo
Nicole Khusid
Faith Sporbert
Shaun Hergerton
Yanpei Zhang

Song Han



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IoT Energy Consumption Analyzer

Battery powered IoT devices are a common tool in today’s jobsite. However, the downtime required to charge or replace dead batteries is costly at a large scale, so it is in a company’s best interest to optimize the battery life of their IoT devices. It is not uncommon to produce a noticeable decrease in the battery life of a device after even the slightest of updates to its firmware. Therefore, it is valuable to have the ability to run constant checks to ensure a device’s expected battery life stays within a tight range. Our project will provide companies and technology developers an easy means of testing firmware changes before finalizing device updates in order to catch these power-draining bugs. We have partnered with Triax Technologies to develop an open-source continuous integration (CI) testing platform for analyzing the change in power consumption of a device following any update. Our goal is to simplify the user experience by creating a modular and highly-configurable framework that allows developers to use the CI platform and power profiler of their choosing and have complete control of all aspects of the testing. The output to the user includes graphical interpretations of the analysis and readable results that can be sent via email or added as a comment on a pull request.