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Andrew Bauer
Michael Hill
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Bearing Load Measurement

The Bearing Load Measurement project, sponsored by RBC Bearings, measures accurate load values on a cam follower through the utilization of strain gauge technology. Using a cam and cam follower combination to displace springs, a desired industry comparable load is produced. The project includes the reconstruction of a rig capable of not only producing and withstanding industry level loads, but measuring them as well through a strain gauge (placed directly on the cam follower) and a load cell (placed at the top of the test rig). Finite element analysis software is employed to model the behavior of the cam follower being analyzed in order to visualize and support the results concluded from the project. Relating the measured strain values from the strain gauge implementation to the load values provided from the load cell will be able to confirm the accuracy of the results. Calculating load through a measured strain on the cam follower itself can provide a more accurate representation of the true load that the cam follower experiences in industry.