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Timothy C Foley
Donald Kulowski III
Rachit Kumbalaparambil

Professor Ryan Cooper


UConn School of Engineering

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Inverted Pendulum Demonstration + Lab Experiment

The project will be primarily used as a showcase/demonstration to provide prospective engineers with an insight into a complex engineering application, as well as promote interest in the field of engineering as a whole. It will be made available as a resource for them to learn about the specifics of working on an engineering project in general as well as the physics and coding pertaining specifically to the inverted pendulum. Resources will be presented in the form of videos, documents, and/or websites which will be utilized for teaching and be available as a resource. For Professor Cooper and the staff in the ME department, in order for the pendulum to be a proven success, the inverted pendulum must be able to move along its two degrees of freedom in a stable manner, opposite of the unstable dynamic the system usually consists of. The design should be capable of reaching an equilibrium state in less than two seconds with a limited angular displacement of 45 degrees. Additionally, the experimental validation will be justified through the control of the system and measurement of angles of the pendulum throughout its movement.