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Logan Adams
Guilmar Valle
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Jennifer Pascal


UConn School of Engineering

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Enhancing Sustainability: Exploring a Pilot-Scale Brewery’s Environmental Considerations

The craft beer industry is a growing sector, providing a range of job opportunities. In Connecticut, the number of breweries has tripled since 2012, with many owned or operated by UConn alumni. Given the importance of controlled processes in producing consistent beer batches, chemical engineers are well-suited to contribute to this market. However, the brewing process is highly energy-intensive, with 7 barrels of water required to produce just 1 barrel of beer. Therefore, we are continuing the work of the 2022 CBE Team 12 by introducing design elements to improve sustainability in a pilot-scale brewery. These updates include integrating UConn’s reclaimed water facility into the process, carbon dioxide capture from fermentation, updated risk assessment, and sustainability certification. With few environmental regulations governing brewery operations in Connecticut, we created a "Sustainable Brewery" certification that breweries can earn. We identified potential hazards in the pilot-scale brewery and created a risk assessment tool and standard operating procedure. These efforts provide UConn with a foundation to launch a pilot-scale brewery where students can learn the fundamentals of fermentation science.