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Timothy McCarthy
Maria C. Fernandez
Devin Rhoads
Sophia Fenn

Nicholas Lownes



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Norwalk Road Diet

The project consists of approximately 1 mile of West Ave, from the I-95/Route 7 Interchange, heading north to Cross St. This is largely a commercial corridor with mixed residential. Currently the roadway offers some on-street parking and two travel lanes in each direction with some intersections offering turn lanes. The project is analyzing traffic volumes, roadway usage, traffic signal plans, and bike/ped use to determine the feasibility of a road diet for this section. The work investigates if a lane reduction to one-lane in each direction with a two-way left turn lane would allow the corridor to function at an appropriate level of service. If so, the team will plan for amenities that improve the bicycle and pedestrian experience in the corridor including dedicated bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. The overall pedestrian experience is considering amenities along the sidewalk including bulb-outs, pedestrian level lighting, amenity zone, and street trees, to create a Complete Street corridor. In addition to analyzing traffic data to determine throughput, the team is reviewing crash data and determining measures to improve the overall safety of the corridor.