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Team 08

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Jack Riggott
Leena Qureshi
Richard Gebhard
Douglas Burroughs

Jin Zhu


Town of Thompson, CT

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Concepts for Site Design Improvements – Thompson Transfer & Recycling Station

The waste management facility in Thompson, a rural town in northeastern Connecticut, requires expansion and modernization to accommodate the growing population and changing needs of the community. However, surrounded by wetlands on three sides and a landfill on the remaining quadrant, the site's landlocked position presents unique challenges. Despite these obstacles posed by the wetlands and topography of the current property, there are opportunities to address several issues within the existing layout. One pressing concern is traffic congestion caused by the two municipal solid waste (MSW) bins in the existing traffic loop, leading to traffic buildup during peak hours. Our team conducted multiple site visits to collect data, including comprehensive time studies. Two data collection points were defined on site to gather data on traffic flow simultaneously, reflecting variations in traffic conditions at different points of the site during the same time period. Using this data, we were able to simulate traffic congestion and make adjustments to address the issue effectively. Another area of concern was the employee shelters. The site currently has two shelters, one near the entrance and the other across from the MSW bins. However, the shelters are outdated and not located in optimal positions. Additionally, some of the infrastructure including the swap shack, are rotting and puts users in potential danger. To address these concerns, our team looked at safe but affordable replacements for the aging structures. The relocated employee shelter and updated interior will not only help reduce congestion but improve worker experience.