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Team 14

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Daniel Parillo
Jack Fitzpatrick
Meer Kareem
Aryanna Fontanez (not pictured)

Dr. Manish Roy



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Automated Vehicle Research and Development Facility Building Design (Site A) at UConn Depot Campus in Mansfield, CT

The University of Connecticut (UConn), is exploring the design and construction of a training and testing facility. This state of the art facility has to be focused on transportation safety, smart and connected cities, and automated and autonomous vehicles. This facility’s design needs to be functional and help enhance research and training. This project has to allow for regional training, private and public partnerships that include but are not limited to automated and connected vehicles, traffic incident management (TIM), intelligent transportation system (ITS), and commercial vehicle safety technologies. It also includes smart and connected cities, infrastructure resiliency, bridge design, construction, maintenance and inspection, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones for public protection and data collection, and testing and calibration of data collection vehicles.