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Team 18

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Ryan Brown
William Perkin
Jorge Pezo
Neil Thakur
William Boafo
Ali Al Hamadani

Professor Caiwen Ding



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Picture Perfect Health

Cigna wants to help its customers make healthy eating choices and share those lessons with their friends and family members. Their project requires an application that provides feedback to the user regarding their food selections. The app created by our team empowers users to efficiently track their macronutrient intake by enabling them to set personalized goals and keep track of their progress. Additionally, the app incorporates optical character recognition (OCR) technology in order to allow users to scan FDA Nutrition Facts labels, which updates their meal log with the relevant macronutrient information. The app also provides users with recommendations for healthy meal recipes based on their current and desired macronutrient values, and includes a BMR calculator. Our mobile application, developed on the React-Native platform, is designed to operate seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. The robust feature set, efficient functionality, and reliable backend services of the app are all powered by various AWS services.